Uncollectible Accounts & Accounts Receivable Turnover

When a company lets customers buy on credit, the company attracts more customers. Allowing sales on credit is a part of doing business. However, it is not without risk! The result may be attracting some customers who will never pay the amount they owe to the business. When this money is not paid, the business […]

Legal Theory Field Research

Discuss how the critical legal theory relates to a situation and how does it impact the environment. (The topic/situation I chose was is the law more favorable to wealthy individuals.) a) discuss the two assumptions of the selected theory (I chose the critical legal theory) Assumption 1 Ex. Unemployment is an economic strand that leads […]

Cloud ERP

This research aims to investigate potential benefits and barriers to migrate ERP system to the cloud. Objectives * To evaluate cloud ERP system effectiveness. * To understand how cloud computing can be used to improve ERP business processes. * To recognize benefits and barriers to migrate to cloud ERP. * To identify cloud ERP business […]

Welcome to Masterswriter UK

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