We pride ourselves in providing quality graduate writing services to our clientele. However, this could not be possible without the input of our able writers. We source most of our graduate writers from the UK, but also work with some from the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Our graduate writers have varying academic backgrounds, but have one thing in common – they are experienced academic writers with a passion for writing. They work round the clock to ensure that we deliver quality graduate papers that meet your requirements.

Our writers have the requisite knowledge and experience needed to deliver original custom papers that meet your specifications. They always look forward to serving you and keep you updated throughout the whole process.

How we recruit our writers

Our writers go through a rigorous vetting process before they are allowed to handle your requests.

Grammar and Punctuation Test:

This test is designed to ensure that our writers have a good mastery of written English. We believe that writers can only deliver good papers if they are able to communicate.

Academic Writing Test:

This is the most important stage of our writer evaluation process. It tests the writer’s ability to express their ideas on paper at the Master’s level. It also evaluates their academic writing skills to ensure that your papers meet academic standards. This test covers the prospective writer’s area of specialization and is timed to simulate live orders placed by our clients.

Oral Interview:

Once we are satisfied with a writer’s mastery of English and academic writing skills, we conduct an oral interview to ascertain that the writer is ready to serve you.

The writer recruitment process is always ongoing to ensure that we have enough skilled personnel to take care of your needs. You can, therefore, be rest assured that you will be attended to by qualified graduate writers driven by the will to serve you.

Selecting the best writer for your graduate paper

We have to assign your orders to the right people if we are to continue delivering quality custom essays and papers at the Master’s level and beyond.

Our support staff go through your requirements against our writers’ qualifications and experience to determine who is best suited to complete your orders.

We also allow clients to request specific graduate writers to work on their orders – you can request writers based on previous experiences with them or through recommendations from other clients.