Legal Theory Field Research

Discuss how the critical legal theory relates to a situation and how does it impact the environment. (The topic/situation I chose was is the law more favorable to wealthy individuals.) a) discuss the two assumptions of the selected theory (I chose the critical legal theory) Assumption 1 Ex. Unemployment is an economic strand that leads to violence Assumption 2 ex. Unemployment among individuals and families that are committed to morals such as church will not lead to violence. Examine the assumptions based on the theory. Survey people at random. Minimum of 10 questions Divide question into 2 parts. 5 questions for assumption 1. 5 questions for assumption 2. write the findings and conclusion in one page. We have completed Part One of the Term:
  • Selected a topic, 2) a specific title, 3) one paragraph introducing the topic with supportive quotation and citation, and 4) another paragraph on the significance of the study. All this was typed on one page, double space, font 12.
Pursue the study by field research as follows:
  1. Reviewing the Literature: The literature all members need to study for basic information about the selected Research Problem is usually made available in university libraries; in addition, specific websites are strong sources of data, for example textbooks, professional and academic journals, in addition to the United Nations, USA Government, universities and research sites in the international internet.
  2. Selecting a Sociological Theory: Each Research Team selects a legal sociological perspective or approach (conflict, functionalist, critical legal studies, critical race theory, feminist legal theory).
  3. Formulating Two Research Assumptions: This depends on the social theory selected to guide the research. Assumption is a testable guess to help explain the social event or situation under study.
  4. Research Design: Each student will agree on a method to collect research data (questionnaires; interviews; survey; participant observation; experiment). The selected Research method will determine the process of data collection from respondents in the large community. Each student will make a uniform questionnaire with 10 questions; 5 addressed to assumption one and the remaining five addressed to assumption two. Ten copies of the questionnaire must be filled out by 10 different respondents. Added to this questionnaire, as is appropriate, a proposed study may be conducted by case study in-depth investigation to develop a detailed description of the case. Participant observation is used for small groups to enable researchers to collect ethnographic data by close interaction with the group.
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