Zoonotic Leishmaniasis

Topic: Zoonotic leishmaniasis (visceral and cutaneous forms)




  1. Description and explanation of normal state
  2. Description of the disease state (i.e., what went wrong, why, manifestations, stages)

Include any current research in the area (2006 and more recent)

3. Discussion of the disease in various animals


For example, if you are focusing your paper on cardiac arrhythmias, for section 1a, you would discuss in depth the cardiac pacemaker, the transmission of electrical signals through the heart, and how that impacts how the heart functions. For 1b, you would discuss what an arrhythmia is, what causes it, and how it is treated.


You may wish to include figures or pictures showing the condition you have chosen.

Attach these to the end of your report and number accordingly (i.e. Figure 1, etc) with a legend. You do not have to include figures, but they may help to explain part of your topic. Figures will not be included in the page count. For part 1c, you would discuss any animal models of the disease, or any cases where specific species are afflicted.

Literature Cited

  • All references must be complete and listed in alphabetical order. Cite

them in the report, in parentheses, by: the first author’s last name, publication year (i.e. Smith, 2007). Citations should immediately follow the quote. Use the format as shown by the example below:


Evans, M.R., Roberts, M.L., Buchanan, K.L. and Goldsmith, A.R. 2006. Heritability

of corticosterone response and changes in life history traits during selection in

the zebra finch. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 19:343-352.

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